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Jason of Star Command-- Saturday morning live action kids' sci-fi series that was the most expensive childrens' show production at the time. Special effects personnel from Star Wars were brought in to do the model and optical FX, and put them to good use.

I started doing a fanfic reboot of Jason of Star Command that would've been a more adult themed (more in tone with Star Trek's new movie..for comparison) story, but it would not have been overly dark. Dragos would certainly have been much more intense (and I have to say, Sid Haig's portrayal of Dragos was very intense for Saturday morning kids' fare), and Jason's background would've been very interesting as he was a soldier of fortune in the orignal series. There would've also been some background on how Dragos came to element that was touched upon only in exposition in the original show...that he was once the prime minister of Klaavu, but became corrupted and drunk with power.

This would've dealt with some exploration that eventually led to Star Command stumbling upon Dragos' machinations, and ultimately, war with Dragos' forces.

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