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Originally Posted by MigueldaRican View Post
I don't know, I really don't. Star Trek was good, and it's up there with the best of that series. But where people are calling Star Trek "this year's Iron Man", based on trailer alone T4 looks like it could be "this year's Dark Knight". Everything I've heard about the ammount of effort being put into this production, pouring sweat into making this an actually good skript, I don't know. T4 director may be playing it cool and diplo.
Agreed, it's a very tough call! Of course, if Star Trek can make $318 million like Iron Man, T4 can make whatever it likes!!

Originally Posted by cjopbj View Post
Right now "Terminator" is around 14% on Rotten Tomatoes. Only about 6 or so reviewers but still a pretty bad sign. Hopefully Night at the Museum will be good.
That's not a good start!!
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