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Originally Posted by JSnyder4 View Post
Thought traditionally ("canonically" book-wise) he was a heroin or was it opium addict?
Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
Nope, it was cocaine. A 7% solution, to be precise.
Originally Posted by JSnyder4 View Post
Cool enough. Thanks! Knew he was an addict, just couldn't remember of what. Sherlock Holmes is something I just couldn't get into. Tried, but found it boring.
Indeed, Homes was quite the addict.

The trailer looks pretty good (Rachel McAdams - whoopee) and it does take some story elements from the actual first Holmes story. But fortunatelt this one has already been reported as a looser interpretation of Holmes than in the books, so some modern flourishes don't put me off anyway.

And it has been added to my 'see it' list!
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