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Believe it or not, the series I'd reboot would be Battlestar Galactica--but it would be 20 years from now (enough time for the more recent series to be digested, so to speak).

The spin of the revamp would be "What if the 12 Colonies were never destroyed and we see the Colonial Fleet in all its glory?" The Galactica would be the newest, state-of-the-art battlestar. The series would be undeniably lighter in tone than the recent series and would even (gasp) have some humor here and there. But it would also be more action-adventure oriented as the Galactica's primary mission would be to keep the peace at the farthest edges of Colonial space.

The classic Cylons would be back (no skinjobs this time around) and still bent on wiping out the Human race, but they would not be the only enemies Galactica and the 12 colonies would face. We would see the return of aliens (both humanoid and non-humanoid) in this new BSG Universe. But their biggest adversary would be their fellow Humans from the long-lost 13th colony...and they have their own battlestars.

The series tagline would be "The biggest enemy is ourselves."
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