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Originally Posted by AyanEva View Post

The thing is, I'm nowhere near the records set by a few other people on this board.

Three times at my local theater on a regular screen and twice this weekend in IMAX. My sis and I went down the shore to Atlantic City, NJ just so we could get the best IMAX screen possible in the Tropicana casino. Their theater is all new and pretty and plush. Fortunately, we found a room overnight on Friday there for only $109 but it's a little sad that, by and large, the whole point of the trip was just to see the movie twice in IMAX. I can't believe she agreed to it! We budgeted our paychecks carefully to do it. I've never gone this far for a movie before, let alone seen one so many times in the theater.

Ah well, Star Trek is worth it.

We did help stimulate NJ's economy by losing a couple hundred dollars on the penny slots, though.
Yes! I have been around this forum just about long enough to realise that there are lots of addicts out there!

An overnight trip, huh? I'm so impressed by your dedication to ST.
Not so much by your 'slot-machine' confession, though!
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