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Originally Posted by cjopbj View Post
That was very generous of him. I loved the Mozart comment. That balances out Bale's tirade. But I am suprised to that Rotten Tomatoes STILL doesn't have a single review up for T-4. Star Trek had reviews up weeks prior to the movie. This is a bad sign. They must still be editing the final cut. Yikes.
RT had reviews of TREK online weeks before it opened... because audiences around the world were seeing screenings of it weeks before it opened. Let's remember how rare and UNcommon TREK's month-long "world tour" is for film openings -- and it only happened because TREK was finished months ago and in the can.

Not to so for nearly every other film made, and T:S fits that category. They just had the premiere a few days ago. We'll read more about it this coming week.

And indeed, studios often use every minute they can to finish a film. Many stories have been told where first premieres of films start playing on screen without the last reel of the film being in the theater yet. You'd be surprised how often studios cut it that close on film post-production.

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