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Real name's Geoff. I'm a produced screenwriter. I wrote the Star Trek ''Soldiers of Pawns'' screenplay which some of you may have read until I took it off-line. I am currently co-novelizing it with Glenn Smith, author of Solfleet: The Timeshift Saga; The Call of Duty.

STSOP is the story I was going to pitch at Paramount in 2004 when I was set up to go in and pitch ''tentpole'' ideas. I had pitched at Enterprise a couple of times and that led to this meeting that alas never happened. As often happens in Hollywood, the execs I was set up to go see were ''let go'' in a typical purge and that was that.

The script is currently with a producer who will take it to CBS as a mini-series project as soon as the WGA strike is resolved. If it is not realized there, plans are already in place to turn it into the most ambitious not-for-profit/Star Trek-inspired project ever undertaken.

Anyone interested can click on the signature banner and it'll take you to the project website. The teaser is also there.

Since it is under option, I cannot ''officially'' provide the screenplay anymore but it is out there in the ''ether'' (possibly with many of the members here). I'm sure a little digging will turn one up.

Thanks for your interest and to the long-time supporters, thanks for the continuing support.
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