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Originally Posted by Gary Seven View Post
What's your take on McG? Some reviewers have given him a bad rap. I thought he did a good job with "We are Marshall." Appreciated his comments on Trek and I'll be there for T4.
Well, Charlie's Angels and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle are really quite haphazard messes of an attempt to do the 1970s show, and also put in as much OTT cartoon violence as one film can take -especially the second one. The way those girls were thrown about without so much as a bloody nose was like a cartoon - which was a shame because the basic plot was actually much better then the first.

That said, while I don't like the first, I do love the second. If I just want to watch something totally stupid, it goes in the DVD player!

We are Marshall I've never seen (I think it was either not released in UK cinemas or was very limited, but I know it was a complete departure from his first two films).

I know he's been involved in TV production (The O.C, Supernatural) but I don't think he has a lot of creative input in them. He doesn't showrun them or anything, so hard to judge even though I like both those shows.

In short, the jury is out for me. But the trailers are indeed very, very tempting and I think he's worth a shot until I see the film.
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