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Very good review.

You went on a bit of a tangent there a couple of times.
So on an off note. Thanks for taking the time to joing up to our (now your) little forum, we're glad to have you around barbreader...

Firstly I must go scientificly....
To introduce a mass sufficient enough to create a black hole would mean to add somehwere near 20 or so solar masses to a planets mass. That's twenty Suns in the heart of the planet. The colapse wouldn't take even minutes. It would be instant. The interior of the planet in the event horizon (assuming part of the planet is not in the event horizon) would immediately disappear within the Black Hole. There would likely be a massive emmision of energy by the sudden stripping of molecular and stomic bonds of that material and a beam of energy would briefly emit out from both poles of the planet while the outter shell was torn assunder because of the gravitational tidal forces that vary at distant from the singularity. The Debris field fould be spherical but over years it would turn into an accretion disk.

If the gain in mass was gradual. Then it would have been impossible to stand on the surface of vulcan with increasing solar masses in the core of the planet. The space shuttle is about 3 G's of constant Force.

Earth's solar mass would something like 0.000006 solar masses. Just adding 1 solar mass would kill everone and the planet instantly.

What makes so little sense is if Red Matter is so dense then how is it even used in such quantities? One Drop destroyed Vulcan but a hole sphere of the stuff is in Spock ship... It makes no sense at all.

Does spock's ship have ability to Negate billions of solar masses in some sort of anti grav field?! Who knows...

None of this resembles anything scientific...It might as well be hypermatter from star wars.

Good call on the Molten Earth. One could not sustain a tunnel to the planets core. It would immediately fill in with Magma and colapse because of the spin and mass of the planet.

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