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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
I KNOW, I know. There was another thread started in the Star Trek XI movie section about gays and lesbians being left out of Trek. I posted to that thread then "bumped" this thread so everyone could see it!!

Why is this a problem? (The number of threads about Trek's lack of GLBT characters, I mean?) Last time I counted, there were five threads concerning the size of the new Enterprise... and at least four threads that dealt with the subject of who the het male fans, or Kirk, should "nail" in their next encounter. Three threads that were concerend over Scotty's assistant, and several complaint fests about plot or continuity errors in the film.

So, discussing a subject that has to do with the future direction of the franchise, and the history of why it's failed to keep up with the rest of televised science fiction on this subject, seems wholly appropriate for this forum. (At least to me, and several of the others on the forum who see it as a personal issue.)
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