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Originally Posted by Damage75 View Post
I keep forgetting to add it, and figured someone else would post something about it, but....

....I LOVED "Sabatoge" being played in the movie!!! Grew up with the Beastie Boys (not my all time favorite band, but definitely tops on the list!)

I thought it was cool to hear that. That scene alone shows you three links to our time:

1. Corvette
2. Beastie Boys
3. Nokia

Someone must have been a BB fan to put that in the movie!

BTW, I also liked it because I could just hear the purists cringing...

And isn't it ironic that in the other (original) Trek universe, Kirk sat on a bus across from a punk rocker (played by Kirk Thatcher who was a member of the production crew of ST IV) and asks him to turn down "that noise".

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