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Originally Posted by FanWriter45 View Post
Easily, it was George Kirk's sacrifice so that his wife and son could live. That moment was the set up for the whole film, AND it gave an almost operatic mythology to Jim Kirk's life.
Absolutely...still sticks in my head. GREAT opening scene to a movie!

I also liked the Sarek/Spock scenes. Except for the first one where he tells Spock he married Amanda because it was "only logical", every other scene was a suprise. I kept waiting for the disparaging remarks from Sarek to Spock, but they never came. Definitely a different father-son relationship then what we saw in the prime reality!

And the Kirk/Spock scenes. We first met them in the prime reality as having that respect for each other, and you could see the start of the friendship. Very cool to see them hating each other, while we all know how they end up!

And every scene with McCoy...Urban was awesome! Hopefully he and Scotty will get bigger roles (besides comedic) in the next one.

So in review....basically the whole movie was my favorite scene!!

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