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Originally Posted by Sohna View Post
Spock telling the Vulcan Science Academy what it can go do with itself.

And I didn't have a problem with his relationship with Uhura, either. This is a different Spock - this one didn't have years and years of alienation from his father, who was mad at him over the Science Academy rejection; therefore this Spock didn't have years and years of trying to make himself more Vulcan to appease that same father. And now, this Spock actually has an admission that his father really loved his mother, something Spock Prime NEVER had.
This is so true. This Spock has found a bond with his father. The bond of love, of shared grief, shared loss. And also, old Spock had a strong Vulcan society to rebel against all his life. The ones who asked if he was Vulcan or if he was human. This young Spock won't face that at all. His society has been destroyed. I wonder if this young one will become increasingly human? On the one hand, it would be a bit sad to lose the cool, emotionless facade but on the other hand it would be great to lose that awful haircut. Quinto looks better with swept back hair than with bangs.
Happiness, at least, Sir.
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