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Originally Posted by Miguelito View Post
I still think that A Obama-Hillary Dream Ticket is the best option.
They could perfectly combine their opinions on health care. Barack's plan with hillary's law proposition.
As president Obama should also include Nader and maybe mccain in its governement.
But being realist, the latter would never be accepted in an obama presidency nor by the democrates nor by the republicans (especially the conservatives).
I don't know, I think Hillary's gone too far for that to work. Republicans would just play her "shame on you" quote repeatedly during the race. Personally I think an Obama/Edwards ticket is far more likely and viable.

I could see Nader and McCain possibly having a role to play in an Obama presidency but the question is what role. Nader as AG and McCain as SecDef maybe but there's another side of the coin. Would Nader legitimize an Obama presidency in the eyes of his staunch (and admittedly few) supports? Would it be seen as a compromise of his ethics/policies? Or, on the other hand, would it be seen as giving him greater influence? For McCain would it completely dissolve his Republican support? And even if it did, at his age would it matter that much to him? It'd likely be another 8 years before he has a serious shot at the presidency again.

As for being a realist you must remember that conventional realism comes in large part from the current structure and unwritten rules of politics which Obama does not necessarily choose to follow. Remember the Vice President was originally intended to be the runner-up in the general election for president. There is also precedent for having opposing party members playing specific roles in a government, Bill Clinton for example had some Republicans working in his day. So I wouldn't rule it out completely but I do think that if they are given positions they would be very specific roles and would be contained to those roles. For example McCain as SecDef would not be able to advise Obama on economic policy - there just wouldn't be any point since they fundamentally disagree in that area. But even though they don't agree on Iraq I think McCain might be willing to carry out his orders to refocus on Afghanistan and hunt down terrorists.
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