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Originally Posted by tebower View Post
The image of the Enterprise leaving spacedock is very nice, but it is so blurry that it looks like a tiny image blown up to look bigger.
Ummmm.... Blurry?

No, I didn't enlarge the images. That's the first rule of making wallpapers and other graphics. "Blowing up" is a big no no, as the image degradation is way too noticeable. In the two images of the Enterprise leaving spacedock (one of which is a very high resolution .png image), the ship itself is very much in focus. But, since she is about to kick some serious warp speed tail, the spacedock is a bit blurred. There's nothing I can do about that, but I wouldn't say that it is "blown up so bad" that it cannot be used.

I'm still trying to find more shots of her....

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