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Originally Posted by Kataan View Post
That was a pretty good review Elizadolots, it was really a good read, thanks.

My one and only complaint is that you did not cover what I thought was one of the most controversial aspects of the movie, which was the destuction of the Vulcan homeworld and all but about 10,000 of her people. I am of the opinion that if that one piece of the movie alone had been re-written somehow to avoid this happening it would have turned into an even better movie. Vulcan and her people are a cornerstone of Star Trek and I just feel that it's just been ripped away leaving a gaping hole in it place.
I was trying not to spoil anything that wasn't highly suggested in the Trailer. I suspect the destruction of Vulcan is setting us up for follow on stories.

Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
I liked the tone of the review.
It was not critical or insulting nor derisive.
The conversational aspect made it easy for everyone to apprciate.
Thank you.

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