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ENJOYING the movie (Monday night 5/11) MADE me join this fine group!

(To put this in perspective, I'm one of those age-40-something-guys who can name all of the TOS episodes. I also enjoyed TNG, then stopped watching TV-Trek).

GREAT MOVIE FUN!! The advantage TOS fans will have is you get to laugh harder at quite a few of the jokes. Monday night turned out to be an excellent choice for seeing the movie and the sound was BOOMING. (I'll remember Monday night right after dinner time seems to have the least number of people. EVERYONE was VERY quiet, which seems to be rare these days.)

Scotty was a riot, Chekov was funny, and McCoy was played very well. Spock was very good and quite convincing. I began to accept Kirk more as the movie progressed. There were moments when the camera angle was just right and Kirk had certain expressions that made him actually LOOK LIKE a young (Shatner) Kirk for a few seconds several times during the movie.You get to see some of the chemistry of their relationships developing together as a team. Nice job integrating Christopher Pike into this reboot realm.

I know we're going to watch this again and again. My wife told me she used to PLAN her schedule around when TOS was on TV and saw all the episodes with her Mom. Aww, she has a little Trek love inside her!

BIG APPLAUSE and cheers from most of the audience after the movie. Most of them remained seated until the end of the credits and the house lights came on.

Here's a photo of a friend dressed as Kirk:

"Kid you are approaching MY high score! Phaser on stun."
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