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I've heard the Rockies have some of the best flyfishing in the country. Are the places you mentioned, in the Rockies?

Alot of the rivers in the eastern part of Tennessee are stocked with rainbows and browns. I used to go there quite often, it's where you can catch the larger fish, but you have to match the hatch, they're really picky and will only eat what is hatching on the water. And they only go for small flies. I've never caught anything there with anything over an 18 size hook, mostly use 22-26 size. But in the mountains, they'll eat anything that looks like a bug, so larger dry flies usually there. The fish are smaller though. There are alot of good hiking trails that go along streams so it's a good mix, you can hike and fish, scenery is nicer too.

One place I'd love to go and flyfish at is New Zealand. Everytime I see one of those Lord of the Rings movies I keep thinking, wow I bet there are some nice trout in that stream. I remember one behind the scenes photo where Vigo Mortinson (Aragorn) was flyfishing between takes in full costume. He caught some whoppers, salmon! Gotta go there sometime, if only I could get some money!

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