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I hate people complaining about 'canon' all the time. What do they expect? That we don't have touchpanels in the year 2150? Even my cellphone has that capabillity! I think it's a relaistic view of the timeera the serie is made in. The TOS vision would agree with that, but since it's from the 1960 the human mind just wasn't capable to show us all the details because no one can predict the future completly (however TOS was very progressive). That is why I love the JJ abrams version of the TOS era, since it's a better view of the technology, much more realistic in my opinion.

I also find it frustating sometimes that the NX-01 has such a lack of technology. But it kinda makes sense, since they need to start somewhere The timeperiod they started the federation of planets, and that the humans are responseble for that (mainly Archer) is a little unrealistic though. I mean, come on, some newbies in space without any experience and good technoloy who change everything in the most radical way in a few years?
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