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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Yes but that combined with everything else is a string of unlikely opposed to a pleasant serendipity.
Perhaps but fiction by definition is contrived. I once read an essay by Stephen King about the unlikelihoods (besides the obvious) and plot holes in Shelley's Frankenstien if you analyzed the story. And still, as he pointed out, its one of the great classic novels.
Originally Posted by horatio View Post
The characters introductions, come-togethers and promotions (which showed the skills of everyone, e.g. Chekov whose fortés have never been clearly pointed out in TOS) were the heart of the movie to me, well interwoven into the plot and much better than a potential meeting during Academy times of all seven.
I concur.
'A screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before, but there is nothing to compare it to now.'

Thomas Pynchon
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