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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Yep, that was "First Flight", IMO one of the memorable episodes of ENT.

I stumbled over it on Memory Alpha, who linked to an interview with Mr.Braga by
In comment #124 Braga wrote: You know, Rick’s initial idea was to play the first season on Earth as they were building the very first warp ship. But that was way too off-concept, I think, for the studio.
Thanks!! I really like this interview. He mentions how bad UPN was for ENT!!! he also mentions the gay and lesbian topic!!! I found this part about the potential lesbian relationship between Seven of Nine and Janeway to be rather funny: "Plus it would have been dangerous for Janeway…you don’t know what kind of borg implants are down there."

I think having the entire first season set on Earth while the ship was being built would have been a BAD idea. I think a few episodes would have been great though.
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