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Default Story line issues

I liked the movie... however there is one thing that kindda pissed me off the more I think about it.

So yes... the Star Wars Universe is now different... some of the Vulcan's that existed will probably not exist in the future Star Trek's. This will also make the Romulins very different beings.

This is my main issue with the villan and the story line. The Villian comes back in time after seeing his planet be distroyed, but he was not a killer. In fact, when Kirk's father was killed, time wise, it was only a few minutes after Nero saw his planet destroyed. Why would he go on a killing spree like 15 minutes later. Also, Kirk's father told him the Star date. Instead of planning to destroy Vulcan in a time where it doesn't matter because Romulis still exists, why not try to save Romulis? He was in the past, and had red matter on him?

He could have helped find a new planet instead? The realistic fact is that even if Spock succeded in causing a black hole to suck the super novaing sun in, the people on the planet would have instantly frozee with no sun to warm it. All of the people would have died just the same.
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