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these are all fair points, however I would question comparing Star Trek villains whether they be Khan or Nero to Hitler; Hitler was not just the villain in some story, he was a dictator of a Fascist regime, who committed genocide and filled peoples minds with xenophobic and racist beliefs, who plunged Europe and subsequently the world into another world war.

I guess the debate does boil down to criteria but if you are arguing Nero had no depth as a villain, despite his accomplishments, then I would probably suggest you think about the fact that he was an intensely patriotic Romulan who wanted to alter History for the sake of his world's future prosperity, he knew he could never return to his time or bring back his wife again, so he decided to do his best to change history for sake of his future wife and people.

However I wasn't aware we were debating to win an argument, I just enjoy discussing the film and sharing different viewpoints, if you think what I've had to say in Nero's 'defence' as a strong villain is weak that's fine, I don't really have anything else to say on the subject.

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