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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Let me come back to this.

Consider this,
The Villian in every story is just as important as the Hero. It is through the Villian that the the Hero must prove himself. The more difficult the Villian the greater the Hero's ascension. A weak Villian automatic MUST mean a weak hero.

That's a good point, and was Nero a weak villain? No, he has done what many other villains have failed to do, destroy Vulcun a very important civilisation to the Federation and the Star Trek universe and leaving the remnant of Vulcans homeless. He destroyed several Federation star ships, as well as many Klingon warships too. He was able to ascertain the information from Captain Pike to penetrate the Federation's defence system (or something to that effect I've only seen the film once and can't quite remember) to actually get close enough to Earth to begin drilling to our planet's core. He also killed Kirk's father, which is a pivotal turning point in the destiny of Kirk. Taking all this into consideration I wouldn't say Nero is a weak villain, he is very deadly and dangerous; his lust for revenge made him very powerful.

Going back to my original point this film was about how the young crew of the Enterprise came together to save humanity and learning to respect one another in the process: that was the main focus of the film.

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