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Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
Now, I'm more of a Ringhead than a Trekhead, I admit.

There was only one canon source for LotR: 3 books + The Hobbit (& The Silmarillion for the hard-core fans).
And the 12 book History of Middle Earth Series for us crack-heads!
Then there's Bilbo's Last Song, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, The Road Goes Ever On Songcycle, Unfinished Tales and Letters of JRR Tolkien - oh! and CJ Tolkien re-edited the Turin saga and released it as The Children of Hurin.

Even the most die-hard LotR fan had to admit that the movie would have to make drastic changes.
Normal fans, yes.
Die-hards? Nope.
They start with Frodo not being 33 years of age at the party and not being 50 years old when leaving Bag-End and go on from there... in virtiolic detail on all differences.

Was I happy to see Faramir's character changed so drastically?
Yes, you might as well have placed the entire Enterprise bridge crew into pink tu-tus and had them harmonize to satanic chants as a comparison to how that was accepted by hard-core fans.

If Peter Jackson didn't appeal to a wider audience, the movie would have tanked
And this is the crux of why it did so well at the box office.
Same for Trek.

You can certainly pander to a select audience, but expect even more select results. And the same amount of head-aches either way from the nit-pickers.
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