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check list of...

no no's for villains.

1. Romulan
2. Klingon
3. Borg

no no's for plots

1. genocidal maniacs
2. angry children spite their parents
3. angry god-like entities

no no's for scientific answers/problems

1. time travel
2. time travel
3. time travel

General no no's

1. appearance from the fat shat
2. killing off of main characters
3. referencing "Enterprise" i.e. Archer, his beagle, etc.


How about instead of a villain who had a bigger badder ship, using technology band by the federation, or just a big winy cry baby...we had one that actually challenges Kirks mind and wit? It doesn't necessarily have to be a vengeance thing against Kirk..and I'd prefer it not...but, we need a villain that we could actually get into and have us saying and feeling toward the end..."GET THAT SOB!!!!!!!!!!"
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