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Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
Now, I'm more of a Ringhead than a Trekhead, I admit. That being said, LotR was different from Trek in a few important regards:

* There was only one canon source for LotR: 3 books + The Hobbit (& The Silmarillion for the hard-core fans). Trek has 6 series, 11 movies, and countless books as canon, never mind the concept of time travel and alternate universes.
* Even the most die-hard LotR fan had to admit that the movie would have to make drastic changes. Was I happy to see Faramir's character changed so drastically? No, but I know it had to happen from a movie-making point of view, ie, there were a lot of non-Ringheads who were gonna see the movie. If Peter Jackson didn't appeal to a wider audience, the movie would have tanked, and I think the LotR fan base was way more accepting of that than the Trek fan base.
It think that's true.

As a fan culture, Trek fans are a bit spoiled.

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