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Default Whats wrong with season one?

Downloaded all episodes, started with season one of course. The weird thing is that I actually never saw it before, only one or two episodes, so it's very new to me (guess I only saw parts of season 2 and 3?)

But I really don't understand all the bad comments about it? I actually enjoy all the episodes I saw so far (10 so far).

One problem I have so far is the lack of good spaceshiparmor and spaceshipweapons. How stupid can you be to go into deepspace without any good weapons to protect the Enterprise? The Vulcans should know about the dangers, and Archer should know better after the many problems he faced in the first episode(s). The torpedo's are really lame, and it's bad for the fun factor. But if I remeber correctly, they will get fasers and better torpedo's in the next season(s)?

I enjoy to see the small things, like the fear of transporters, which is completly understandeble I would be scared like hell as well. Also about the syntetic food they talk about and all other minor things like the holodeck tripp encounters.
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