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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
A couple of things -- the promotions are absolutely ridiculous. Kirk goes from being a cadet (a grounded one under disciplinary review at that) directly to being Captain of the fleet's newest ship? No. Not even a little bit credible. Scotty, same exact thing.
Yeah, that was sort of goofy....Uhura got promoted to Communications officer because she could speak Romulan...I'm thinking she would have been assigned to assist the Comm officer in doing his job. Kirk gets promoted to First Officer after he's illegally stowed away on the ship and just before going into a hugely hazardous, unlikely to survive mission...didn't the ship need a First Officer who was likely to be around? Scotty seemingly becomes Chief Engineer simply because he gets a towel...It was all a bit silly. However, being silly does not distract from it being Star Trek...face it, logic and reason were not all that common in the original show....these were borderline reasonable in the "Star Trek" way of doing things....

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