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what can I say... this was a beautiful movie, and my god a beautiful soundtrack... just got back home from my 3rd viewing, with many more to come.... yes, the movie seemed to hop from one scenario to the next, but I loved it, from the very beginning you are jarred out of your seat and you're never given a chance to settle in, it's one thrill after another or one heart-pang or another.... someone mentioned they didn't like or think the car scene with boy Kirk was needed..... omg I loved that scene... you just witnessed the destruction of the Kelvin, death of his Dad, and the surviving shuttlecraft heading towards an escape... then you're thrown into the car chase scene... it grabs your emotions... forces you from sad to sudden adrenaline rush with the music (Beastie Boys was it?) and this kid going 90 miles an hour careening towards a canyon... my god it was just an awesome scene and it shows just how "go gettem" or "fearless" Kirk really is... it sets Kirk's tone very well I think.... so after Kirk speaks with the police officer and the adrenaline is leveling off just a bit now we're thrown into a bar scene with jammin music and once again you don't have time to settle back into your chair, you're feet are tapping right along to the tunes as Uhura does her thing...... wow! I don't know what else to say but wow!

Another thing, I just loved at the "unfinished" look of Engineering and all the damn pipes.... it was incredible... not only the pipes but the steel beams with the bolts keeping them together but you juxtapose those bare girders to the finished hallways and like someone else said here why spend the dough to polish the bowels of the ship, that being engineering... oh and the turbo lift tract that wasn't covered up by walls but out in the open it seems...... I love it so much... this is a prequel to TOS so the technology progression seems just fitting that we have now the unfinished look but in the TOS everything is buttoned up and looks "pretty"... it's just awesome... to me this shows how things often start, you get something that just works, then over time you revise it, polish it, make it better---I can't say enough about this--everything about it was just freakin awesome.... It just shows so well the evolution of starship construction from the early days to the class movies, etc.

ok, yes, we didn't have the quote unquote seriousness of the original movies... but well considering the original movies we dealt with adult characters who had history and prior experience, these are just kids for crying out loud, kids that joined up in Starfleet to serve, barely out of training and are thrust into a very serious situation.... yeah it had comic lines and I thought they were ok, again not serious like of old, but these are just kids adapting to adult roles and responsibilities.... what can we really expect? and the romance.... I had no problems with it, both scenes fit well I think and it showed the side of Spock of him dealing with both halves...

Well, I don't really know what else to say, but when they showed the Enterprise for the first time, the music.... oh and the music that led up to the opening Kelvin scene... and then the music as the ST title appeared.... OMG the music in all these instances was just incredible and it grabs you right by the collar and forces you pay attention..... man! Yes, I absolutely enjoyed the film!

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