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Originally Posted by SupremeLegate View Post
Plot: Well thought out and plays very well, also I liked the fact that the villain was not 2D. Yeah he is the bad guy, but you understand why he does what he does, and even synthesize with him. The only problem I have with the plot is something that happens at the end; which I feel just happened to quickly; you’ll know what I mean when you see it.

Characters: Despite the differences inherent of an alternate timeline, the characters are still true to themselves, and the actors who played them did a wonderful job.

Music: The music had a very Star Trek feel, more so the movies than the shows, and of course the music over the ending credits got to my inner dork.

Ship & Sets: The ships looked great, especially the Enterprise. And the sets really gave you a feel for just how big the ships really are. Though I do wonder, why did they have to completely redesign everything. I think the Enterprise should have looked more like what was seen in the Original series and the movies, primarily the nacelles. As for the bridge, it felt like technology threw up, there was just too much going on, and way too white.

Overall I think it was a great movie, my complaints are mostly ecstatic, and I would be very interested in see how these versions of the characters develop in this new reality.
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