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How i would improve Voyager:
1. Kill Brannon Braga.
2. Hire Ronald D. Moore to write and produce.
3. Make Harry a Lt. by the end of season 2.
4. Make the Kazons alot more meaner and badass.
5. Seven of Nine becomes Andorian and **** as her catsuit suggests.
6. Get Seska back as a crewmwmber.
7. Give Chakotay some balls.
8. Genune friction and fighting between the Starfleet and Maquis crew.
9. In 5x01 Tuvok kills Neelix. (Nothing to do with the plot just to kill him ).
10. Genocide Janeway and Genocide Ransome marry. (See Scidebris reviews for Genocide Janeway evidence).
11. Children and a school for them in one of the cargo bays.
12. Janeway giving the Vidians more then a verbal warning.
13. More from below decks.
14. Seven of Nine and Paris dying together.
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