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Thumbs up Stats from 3 movie review web sites

So far heres the stats from some movie sites that I go to to read reviews"
  • Yahoo-4668 reviews=A/12 critics=B+
  • Rottentomatoes-34 critics=32 good,2 bad and 96% on the T-meter (which is crazy as Batman was 97% last year)
  • Coming reviews= about 90% of them postive.
Ive browsed threw these 3 movie sites the last couple of days and it seems the few negative reviews that ive read starts off like this " Well ive been a long time trekkie" ........

I just don't get it I mean im a long time trekkie (about 30 years) and the reasons I keep seeing negative reviews are just crazy.

Enyway those are the starts so far , they look pretty amazing especially the T-meter from Rotten.

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