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Default I don't care what you say, I liked the romance(SPOILERS)!

People love to complain!
But I will have to say that i love what they did. It brings something new and fresh into star trek. Yes it's all hollywood, but this is precisely one of the elements they needed to reboot the series. I have a feeling star trek went down the tube before because there wasn't enough or no character/audience connections. (DONT SAY IT! Riker/Troi romance did not count! I didnt feel SHIRT! (my way of saying **** politley)

Lets get one thing straight, Spock is not without emotion. he has them but controls them. He did show it quite a few times in TOS. Watch Nimoy's Star Trek Memories on youtube..youll see what I mean.

I think what they did was logical, and I love this movie because there are new elements to star trek, one being the fact that I can connect with the characters!
McCoy: Uhm, Captain? Don't look now but i think that guy with the pointy ears is Sylar!
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