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Default My review.

I am like most of people around here a huge Start Trek fan.

I watch the trailers and even though the graphics look very good it looked more like an action film than a real Star Trek. It looked good but it did not look Star Trek.

Cause behind Star Trek is whole philosophy , it is not a Star Wars fairy tale , because it tries to predict the Future , even though some exaggeration is added for the sake of drama. It is however one of the very few if not the Only , serious SCI FI.

So as many Trekkie out there feared that this film will disappoint me greatly.

Another reason is that unlike many people out there I am not a JJ ABRAMS fan. LOST does not excite me , even though I must admit is well made. And his last film COVERFIELD even though I am a big fan of moster movies , I found it TERRIBLE.

But when I went to see this movie I was blown away.

Ok Let say I understand the fact that his movie has the most AMAZING Effects I have ever seen in any MOVIE in my LIFE TIME. IT blows away any other movie in its path.

OK let us say that I felt comfortable that the movie respects the Star Trek Philosophy , and vaporates all my fears.

But HOW, HOW ON EARTH did he take a cast of inexperienced actors and turn them to EXACT replicates of the original crew???

I was blow away , not because JJ Abrams clones the unclonable but also expands the characers in ways unthinkable.

For examle is the FIRST time that all the crew plays an important role. In most other movies only Bones, Kirk and Spok take the biggest part of the movie , in this one , every character is polished and ready to perform its best.

Second , how on earth did manage to tell us so much about SPOK? Why the previous movies did not do it and this one does?

Ok now let say What I did not like.

First , the central theme of the movie is Boring. I am tried of the time machine stories that have been polluting Star Trek for so long. It is old , tried many many times and for all trek fan nothing original.

Of course the Scenario is very well done, it is probably one of the best Start Trek scenarios out there, and makes you forget the boring theme and concentrate on what really happens which is so carefully crafted as a story and character interaction that you cannot escape its enchantment.

My second objection is the BAD GUY, Nero. Dont get me wrong he is a fine actor, but surprisingly he never gets enough time to develop his character. There is mostly the original star trek crew. The movie makes us understand his motives , but we never have time to understand who he really is.

The previous start trek movie was not like this one but he had a bad guy the alter ego of picard that really sends us deep into the dark side of picard and made probably the best Villan (or almost the best if you count the Khan, In Warth OF Kahn or the evil Klingon general in Undiscovered country ).

But in this one , the bad guys play only a tiny role in the movie.

However the movie is awesome, it rates as high as the last Batman, with wonderful performance, excellent art, amazing directing and a very solid yet complex Story line that fully respects and dare expand the Star Trek ethos.

Even women did like it !!! and this hard to do in my country. (Greece). It pains me that the Theater was only half full, but here weare no big Sci fi or Star Trek fans. Well, they missed something amazing.

So After the movie the only question remains --->I am sure there is going to be a sequel to this , but When are we going to see the new series on TV with this new cast mr Abbrams ?
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