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Just got back, beat tired.... loved the movie...really surpassed my expectations!! It was thrilling...nearly but not quite perfect. I still need to process it a bit more though. Rather than regurgitating whats already known here are some thoughts.


The Great:

-I loved the musical score
-Effects were top tier, solid and seamless
-Action sequences were momentous
-E looks great to me
-Sound work was amazing and had many nods to original sounds
-Pace was brisk, almost too brisk..the movie seemed 20 minutes long, it went fast
but in a good way, directors cut will extend replay value
-Characters all uncannily unique, but familiar, and gelled very well together
-Way funnier than I thought it could be, and the humor worked very well
-Nero was done well for this story
-Nimoy was great as expected
-Captured the essence of Trek for me
-Quinto really impressed me and I was worried. I like this his Spock
-Pine had the prick down pretty well, but managed to rebuild and forge himself into the
leader we expect, had all the humor and the zest of Kirk, with actually some blatant
nods to shat I thought in parts of his performance.
-Urban was dead perfect, I mean perfect
-I like Yelkins Chekov also, he was way different but I really like his portrayal and the
accent was great.
-Pegg, while seen too briefly, was great to see as Scotty and had great comedic
material. He will be great going forward
-Uhura and Sulu were also serviceable and with more time to develop will be fun to
-Spock and Uhura worked for me and thought it wouldn't. This surprised me.
-The film made me want for more with this cast and creative team.

The fair: Minor gripes

-Story definitely felt cut short in spots and a bit over edited
-Many things that make ya go hmmm...mainly the many coincidental happenings, but
can also be conveniently explained as fate
-Not as much kid Kirk stuff as I thought there should be
-KM test was not what I expected and may need to see again to appreciate but was
missing the punch I was hoping for
-3 missing academy years ....maybe well get more in flashbacks
-Sarek was lacking...Sorry Ben Cross good try though.
-What all happened to Pike on Neros ship wasn't fleshed out enough for me.

Theater was packed and the crowd was engaged and applauded at the end. I have not seem a movie since Rocky 2 where the crowd cheered in many parts.

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