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First, may I advise all of my fellow Trek fans, if someone sits next to you, and they smell like bad wine...move. The scent of alcohol almost made me fall out! This was a VERY NICE movie theater, but if one's hooked on the sauce, any venue will do, I guess. He's lucky I didn't yell, "Big O! Showtime!" or the theater would have been wrecked by the Meagdeus.

With that being said, even the smell of Boone's Farm, Mad Dog 20/20, or whatever the guy was drinking, couldn't ruin what was the most fun I've had in years at a movie. I hate to sound like a cliche, but I laughed. I was almost moved to tears. I literally found myself gasping at times aloud. What a fantastic ride! A popcorn movie that's too smart and too clever to realize that it's a popcorn movie. Good for it! Good show, Mr. Abrams! Good show, Paramount! I hope this film makes tons of money so another installment can be made, tout suite!

The last time I found myself talking at a the big silver screen was when I watched "The Color Purple". I literally found myself (to my embarrasement) yelling, "WOW! Rewind that!" So many great moments! So many great lines!

If I had one tineey winsy nitpick it would be (besides the lack of clean air in my proximity) very few beauty shots of the new Enterprise. To those who may have hated her, I you've seen her in action, you may have a reaction similar to what Scotty said when he found out that James Kirk and Spock Prine mentioned her! A beauty of a Sci-Fi space craft. I'm feeling a little spoilerish so I'll continue my rambling thoughts on another thread. film!
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