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My god...I don't know where to begin....I really really don't I went and registered because I was so insulted by this thread I had to reply.

I googled the release dates for Ireland and came across this thread, I don't mean to be rude, well maybe I do, but are you morons?

Interesting to note that the Republic of Ireland (Irish Free State) does not seem to be getting Star Trek at all! Has it been black listed by the Roman Catholic Church (as that is the usual reason films don't get released in the Republic of Ireland)?
The "Irish Free State" hasn't existed since the 1930s, Irelands official name is "The Republic of Ireland".

The Roman Catholic Church does not now, nor did it ever, have a say on what movies are screened in the country, government censors DECADES ago, just like in other European countries and North America used to censor what they beleived was morally objectionable, I don't know about anywhere else but this is no longer the case in Ireland, and the RCC has been a non-entity in terms of public policy in Ireland for over 20 years.

Might Paramount have simply included RoI in with the UK's release date, since they could well be the same promotional markets?
Yep thats probably it, they could have added the countries name...but movies are almost always released on the same date in both countries since the markets are basically identical.
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