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Originally Posted by Kevinmajere View Post
Only after the Narada is crippled by the red Matter and Kirk offers a peaceful end, (which nero refuses) does the enterprise launch everything she has at her. When Nero yells fire everything, it's when young Spock is piloting the Jellyfish to ram the Narada.

I didnt see any shield impacts, and I think that was explained, 1 hit took out the shields pretty much. The Narada's borg enhanced weapons went through the shields like it was nothing. Hence the shields were never really visable after the first strike. After the encounter with the Narada, the Enterprise pretty much avoids direct contact with it, even going as far as to hide in saturn's orbit to mask her from the Naradas sensors.

I'm amazed the Kelvin survived that long for 800 people to get off board asap!

One thing that did kinda stand out... the transporter...... When could you beam at such long distances. Star Trek 6.... The enterprise nearly had to be in orbit around the planet were the Kit. Accord was to be signed to transport down and save the president. Remember spock counting down till they were with in transporter range? Or did Scotty come up with his special formula after star trek 6????
Remember Relics? Since Scotty is still alive in TNG maybe he came up with it after Nemesis?
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