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Last night my sister and I noted that Kirk got his a** kicked quite a bit. LOL It's amazing his bones are even slightly intact at the rate he's going.

Surprisingly, I thought my favorite character would be Spock (you guys know how much of a Zach Quinto fangirl I am) but as I said before, it took me a little bit to get used to his Spock, whereas I completely fell in love with Kirk right from the start. For me, he was absolutely ACE. His cockiness was so endearing! Chris Pine absolutely nailed it in my book.

I think it helps too that the more interviews with the cast that I watch, the more I like Chris Pine the best out of all of them. His personality really shines through in his portrayal of Kirk and he seems to have a wonderful, bright personality that's so full of energy!

Uh oh, am I turning into a Chris Pine fangirl too?!
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