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I have to say, I thought it was a great, fun movie and--to me--it's absolutely Star Trek. It's worthy of the name and that ship that so many people out here hate definitely earned the name Enterprise in this story.

Equally as important, however: I went with three non-fans. They were people who had kind of been exposed to Star Trek and may have liked some movies but been absolutely bored by others.

My girlfriend:

I thought Star Trek was AMAZING! Visually stunning and great plot. I truly think you'll love the movie.
My sister:

Im NOT a Trekkie. I grew up with one and kinda sorta just tolerated it growning up. I LOVED this movie. There was nothing cheesy about it and the effects ROCKED. Though, I WAS familiar with classic trek because of my brother...and seeing the interaction of them all from early on was pretty cool. I thought Spock, Bones and Scotty nailed it.
Sister's roommate:

What a great movie. I'm hopefully going to see it again Saturday night in Imax.
Three people who were expecting it might be OK and not only loved the movie, but they all absolutely want to see it AGAIN.

I'm going to see it again today. Maybe twice.
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