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I watched the movie last evening, i was so surprised how good it turned out. J.J. Abrams himself has said he was not a Star Trek fan but made a film that can satisfy non Star Trek fans. He is very creative. I love the direction where Star Trek is heading, it is both a reboot and a sequel. The new aliens like the Zora like creature (The Legend of Zelda Nintendo), with dark brown skin in the academy. The Long head alien sitting beside Uhura in the Iwoa bar, the Alien pilot and the woman with big eyes from the USS Kevin are very cool.

What i love alot about this movie is that it felt refreshing and thrilling at the same time. I am glad Rick Berman was not involved this film. Although he did very well with Next Generation and Ds9, i did not like Enterprise. Voyger had a good start until they added Tuvok onto the Uss Excelsior. Star Trek was almost dead for the last seven years.

Hopefully someday, they will make a another Next Generation film.
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