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Originally Posted by Sneiko Katratze View Post
1: The shaky camera. I can´t understand the reason behind this.
No only shaky but hardly ever even straight- the more action it seemed the more they had to tilt the cameras... and then the fast movement/blur... I was thinking how much time and money went into those sets and whatnot and then they spend half the moving the camera so fast you can't see anything it could have been the 1960's ship...

I was thinking through the movie that if this was any of the classic/previous trek movies the camera would always be straight... and I'm not convinced the fast-paced camera movements added anything but it didn't really take away much- that's just how these guys like to film things- and it's their job/call to make.

While I think overall this had the best effects (and it SHOULD because it's 7 to 30 years newer then all the other films) I still put the crash landing of the Enterprise D saucer section in Generations as the best single special effect scene in a trek movie.
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