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Well I'm not really a dedicated fan of Star Trek. I never watched the original series watched maybe about half of TNG and only bits and and bobs of DS9 and Voyager. Anyway that being said I loved this movie and didn't feel it contradicted in any way that mattered the fundamental nature of Star Trek.

I have only a few complaints but I suppose most of them can be forgiven as this movie being almost entirely set up for a TV series/sequals:
~ the movie went by way too fast but there was too much information for them to give us anything but the bare bones of what happened
~ Kirk was insanely lucky always ending up right where he needed to be and knowing just what he needed to know
~ Everybody ended up just where they were during TOS remarkably quickly despite them being fresh out of the Academy. The only person for whom this made sense was Spock and the person for whom it made least sense was Kirk. Of course it would be foolish of them to end the movie with more set up being needed for the begining of the sequal or TV series
~ Uhura/Spock was acceptable to me but the transporter room scene was stupid. Even humans know when public displays of affection are innapropriate what more Vulcans

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