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Originally Posted by 10-K View Post
Spock has had his troubles with command, but not out of wimpery. He has trouble commanding illogical humans and he doesn't like to fire weapons, but Spock wouldn't decide 'let's sit around waiting for orders from Starfleet' while this nut Nero runs off to target Earth with Red Matter. They could have done Spock a little better justice, not such a washout as captain.

Well Spock was suffering. He just saw his mother murdered before him as she fell to her death. He was half human devoted to his human mother evidenced by his willingness to fight the bullies at school that dared say anything about her. His love for her and his human half drove him to not accept his appointment to the Vulcan Science Academy because of what the Vulcan leaders told him.
He lost his home and his mother and was extremely emotionally unstable again as evidenced when Kirk mentioned his newly dead mother. Spock couldn't think straight because his mind was clouded with emotion. By regrouping with Star Fleet he was looking for leadership and clear thinking from others that is why he wanted to regroup with the fleet. Very logical. He just didn't want to admit his emotions were bothering him. In fact he talked to his father and admitted his problem and I was touched by his father admitting that he had married his mother because he loved her. A very UnVulcan emotion as Vulcans usually get arranged marriages.
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