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Hello all long time no see. Been very busy. Had my 3rd baby.
Anyhow. I sped to the theater this evening when I got off work at 1030PM and watched the 11PM final show of the new Star Trek film. I freaking loved it.
I am extremely impressed with it. This film is all about paradoxes and how the timeline is changed when Nero went back in time.

Kirk was raised without his father while in Spocks universe his father is at James Kirks graduation. I wonder if a future film is going to be made or a story is going to be written where the timeline is repaired by perhaps Spock going back to the future and saving Romulus thus keeping Nero from going nuts and killing everyone.

I loved the more realistic ships and much more believable engine room. The bridge was much more believable as well.

What really bothers me about Star Trek and all the movies and TV episodes all of them. All the different franchises had this same problem and I'll tell you what it is. It's 2230 something and the freaking doors are loud as hell. Why can't they figure out how to make a silent door in the future. If doors are going to be that loud in the future I suggest that they just stick to hinged doors that are pushed and pulled manually. At least manual doors are quiet.
Thats gotta get annoying for the crew to work hours on end to have to deal with that irritating hydrolic swish and swoosh of the doors throughout the day.
Great movie. This movie and story line pretty much reinvents Star Trek as we knew it.
I didn't like or get the cop and why he was wearing a mask with a speaker in it. I think cops in the future will be alot like they are now.
So those are my only gripes with this excellent movie.

So what lays in the future? Can we expect to see a new Star Trek movie ever two years or so like we used to get? Will there be a new spin off TV series?That would be great.
The Star Trek phenomenon has a great and hopefully lengthy future ahead for us and future new fans.
Live long and prosper and as Spock said Good Luck.
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