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Originally Posted by 10-K View Post
I thought Nero was a weak villain. I could accept him more if he wasn't Romulan, but Romulans don't act like that. Why blame Ambassador Spock? The Romulans know Spock from reunification. It's like Russia blaming Ghandi for Chernobyl--makes no sense. And Romulans don't commit genocide. They're vicious and aggressive, but they do have some class. In Nemesis, Shinzon went too far and the Romulan fleet turned against him. Nero is just a petty, vengeful idiot, and I can't see him rising to command a Romulan starship.
He blamed Spock because Spock had the technology to stop the calamity the destroyed Romulus, and promised to do so - but was too late getting there. The fate of Romulus had depended on one Vulcan's promise, and that Vulcan wasn't able to deliver. Thanks to its dependence on one lone Federation scientist, the homeworlds of the Romulan Empire died, taking Nero's wife with them. As for "Romulans don't commit genocide"... every species is made up of billions of diverse individuals, Nero and crew included. You're always gonna get a desperate few who can be driven to desperate, mad measures.

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