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I´ve seen it...

The positive and the negative has already been posted by others.

What do I have to say?

My alltime favorite ST-character (Bones) made me goosepimples at his first appearence. Karl Urban was so f***ing good with his performance, his german voice was another thing. Can´t wait for the DVD to watch the original version.

I´m happy that I´ve ignored all the fuzz created by the so called "haters". STXI is a great movie. It was worth the wait, the money and the time I spend on it.

STXI is a true Trek-movie. And it´s canon, very canon! The alternate timeline perspective has gone, where no movie has gone before. I really could feel, what it means to be in a differend timeline, because I know and love the "old" Trek. There were Movies with alternate timelines outside of Star Trek, but these Movies did not have this background. There has never been a world to be chanched with decades of mainly good storytelling to back it up. This works only with Star Trek, and only with this movie. This was my strongest feeling after leaving the theatre.

But there were three things I really disliked:

1: The shaky camera. I can´t understand the reason behind this.

2: The icemonster.

3: Chekov. But this can be better next time.

Go and watch it, it´s a great experience! It´s much mor than just fun...
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