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Originally Posted by Armalarm View Post
Everyone loves to ask,

"Does it feel like trek?" With all the changes and all.
Yes it does, thanks to this beautiful REBOOT, this is what Trek should feel like. Abrams has stayed true to Rodenberry's vision and what Trek is all about.

People might say it doesnt feel like Trek, but thats because you are used to everything before this, and you forgot about the true vision of Star Trek. I felt that with every series they created except TOS & TNG started to lose the vision.

But now Abrams has brought the vision, and this is what Trek should feel like from now on!
I disagree. It is not Star Trek and it does not feel like Star Trek. Especially since Paramount let Abramsdisaster destroy Vulcan. This destruction of Vulcan has burned me for so long I now have freedom to talk about it. Worse movie direction decision in the history of the Planet.

I have not forgotten about the true vision of Star Trek. I wonder however, if fans of Abramsdisaster have forgotten? Or do they just like flash bang wham speedy movies that go by so fast its hard to think about the scenes and god that poor photography.

The only series that lost the vision of Star Trek was Enterprise and Abramsprise.
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