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Just got back from seeing the new Star Trek Film on was an EPIC! Jot down those four words and remember...this movie thrills from start to finish. I am looking foward to the sequel and an extended director's cut! JJ and company have taken something wonderful and given back ten-fold!!! This proves that looking at something with fresh eyes can produce wonderful things!

This movie is a MUST-SEE for all, it doesn't matter if you are a Trek Fan or not, it is truly great. The film is not weighted down with too many "Trek-isms," it pays homage without seeming "corny," and the uniforms fit in all the right places. Put simply, it works. It unfolds a completely new universe to become familiar with and to boldly go inside of.

Most of the movie-goers were young...which is a great thing. If you have misgivings about "canon," keep an open mind to all the possibilities which are opened up by the "reboot."

The universe is truly at our feet. Many congrats and kudos to JJ and Company...YOU GUYS DID IT!!! I never doubted it for an instant. You took me by surprise and totally thrilled me for every second. Warning to all who like to eat popcorn and drink fountain drinks, be sure to use the restroom BEFORE the don't want to miss even a is an EPIC!

Thank you all for giving us this wonderful new universe. I am totally enthralled by it!

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